Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Friends

Not sure why but I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. Maybe its because my computer has been dead for like 2 weeks. I ordered the power cord so HOPEFULLY it should be up and running sometime soon. Not like a lot has been going on honestly. I mean a few things that won't be mentioned until a later date. Most of my friends and family already know though. BUT one thing I will say is I have a new friend named Norrissia who I have become BFF's with. lol yes I still use the acronym BFF. I met her at work and we just clicked as friends. We have hung out quite a bit! Shes in one of the pictures below with Kodie.

Now Kodie has 3 new friends. Yes Nor has 3 dogs... I know she's crazy! haha jk! But they just got a new puppy he's supposed to be lab but he looks like a chow so I guess we will wait and see what he looks like later. Him and Kodie became fast friends yesterday. They seriously played for 3 hours straight. While I went to visit someone else he slept the ENTIRE time. Poor baby AND he has cuts all over him from the puppies RAZOR sharp teeth. But I think he will be just fine. I took a couple of pictures with my camera phone so thats why the quality isn't great. But I still think they are cute pics!

Poor babies wanted to come outside and play!

Not sure why but when Kodie goes over to Nor's house he RUNS and RUNS and RUNS! Im talking FAST!! Way more than he does anywhere else... Maybe its because she has no gate and he feels free? who knows!

This picture should have been first. This is when they first met eachother.

Nor and Kodeman!

Also, My friend Angel's mom is having her brain surgery this morning at 8:30 so please keep her in your prayers. I know her mom is very nervous as would anybody! So just pray for peace of mind and pray for the doctors who will be operating on her.

<3 Sara

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