Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Weekend

I can't believe it's already Tuesday. Seriously, Where does the time go?? And its almost MAY??? oh Lord! Anyways, this past weekend was a great one hands down! Friday after work Kodie and I went to Norrissia's and played for awhile. Kodie and Busta (her dog) played for 4 hours in the backyard! I got a couple of pictures but only this one was really worth of keeping! Then I took Kodie to my parents house so they could babysit him for the weekend! Thanks mom and dad!! Yall are the bestest!

Saturday morning I woke up way too early for a Saturday and got my stuff all together! Then I went to meet up with my fireman at the firestation! I felt so out of place there while they did a shift change over. When you are the only girl and a bunch of guys are looking at you like who are you and why are you here it makes ya awkward but oh well! They will eventually get to know me. I do know a couple of them which was nice so I didn't feel completely awkward. Anywho, we rode up to Charlotte, NC to go to Carrowinds for the day and it was a blast! He made me ride every rollercoaster though which wasn't the best thing ever. Especially the nighthawk which makes you lay down and you are looking at the ground the entire time. Well I don't remember MUCH because I swear I blacked out from the fear. NEVER.EVER.AGAIN will I ride that! The weather pretty much sucked though while we were there so it started to rain and we left. BUT we got season passes so we can go again soon. I had a blast but im definitely ready for that waterpark! After we left there I got to go to my FAVE store in the entire world (so far) IKEA I didn't buy much considering money is tight for me right now but I did get a $20 Duvey cover which I absolutely LOVE! Oh and 2 candles but they were CHEAP and smell amazing! If you have never been to this store you must go. I have dreams about this store and so does my aunt. That just tells you im not the only crazy one. :) We really had a great time and he wasn't bad to shop with like most guys. Im wondering though if this will change. Ya know how guys are one way at the beggining then their true I hate shoppingness comes out? Ya prob will! We headed back to his house after IKEA though because the weather was beggining to get worse. All in all it was a great day!! And it was really nice because we had so much time to just talk.

What was really nice was waking up to this Sunday morning! Being in the country is just so different. Its peaceful! When I was younger I always envied my friends who lived in the country and got to play in the woods. But I really did love it and its so quiet minus the cars from the hwy.

oh and I love this picture! I thought it was cool how the picture ended up thank God it was windy! Otherwise they wouldn't have even been moving!

Sunday when we got back to Charleston we went to my sister and grandmothers birthday party. I don't know why I didn't take any pictures! Maybe Shannon will post some. It was a nice time with all the family and lots of yummy food. Oh and Isabelle threw up on me 4 times... that was fun! The last time I actually had to change my shirt and all I could smell was baby throw up! Shes lucky I love her so much and that shes the cutest thing ever.

All in all a great weekend!! Hopefully there are more great ones to come! And I have GOT to get back on the ball with my picture taking on my camera. I swear all the pictures I take now are just on my phone and the quality is just horrible. Time for me to get to work! No more slacking!!

Happy Tuesday!

<3 Sara

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