Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Girls NightS Out

I had been doing so good about posting on time but I guess this week I slacked a little bit. Hey, better late than never. Friday was first of all my last furlough friday and I am actually sad about it. I was so worried about the furlough and dreaded it but now I will miss that extra day of the weekend. Oh well, it will be nice to have my money back. So I ended up having a pretty chill day. I went to my storage unit to put up a few things, hit up the gym, went to Tres Carmen Boutique on James Island then hung out at home.
Later that night I went out with my sister to meet up with a group of ladies for my friend Nors birthday. First Shannon and I went to JPaulz for dinner which was really good. I love the atmosphere there and the drinks are always yummy. It was a good place for us to kill some time and eat before we met up with everyone downtown at 9ish.
 These are the first two pictures where I look at myself and think SKINNY. BIG moment here people!

So we ended up heading downtown and meeting up with everyone to start the celebrations. We met up at Mynt which was super chill at first then turned into a night club. We all had a TON of fun. Once it got super crowded I was kind of over it. I would say 3 hours in the club was plenty for me. I had to make sure I had enough sleep to hit the gym in the morning.
 Birthday girl in the middle! Love this lady, we don't see eachother all the time but we still have a great friendship that I am truly grateful for.

Saturday I went to the gym then did a little shopping. I have been looking for a purse since my Coach one broke but I still haven't found one. So anyway I did my laundry then got ready to go out with my sister and her friends that evening. We went to Taco Mamacita on Sullivans Island and the food was so good. I really liked the atmosphere too, very chill! We also went to Hometeam BBQ but it wasn't all that great. The music they had that night was just a little bit off. I headed home after this and the ladies continued a little longer.

Sunday was another chill day, gym and grocery shopping! OH and I did go out to dinner with Kelly to Myabis. I haven't felt that disgusting from eating food in so long. No more hibachi for me! Bloated is not something I enjoy feeling. We still had a great time to end a good weekend!! I am thinking next weekend will involve less money spending and a little bit less going out. I had enough of it this weekend!


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Miss Southern Prep said...

LOVE your dress in the last pic! I love having girls nights!