Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Proposal

So yesterday my best friend since diapers got ENGAGED!!!!!
Her boyfriend Josh messaged me on facebook asking for my assistance. He lives in Savannah so he needed my help trying to find a place to do caricatures in Charleston. I was clueless on this one since I have never seen them here except for the fair. So I did some google searches and asked a few friends and came up with nothing. His original plan was to have them both sit down and get a caricature done. His would have a bubble that said Will you Marry me? and her's would have been blank for her answer to be added. Seriously how cute would that have been when the person turned it around and showed her. BUT that plan foiled unfortunately. So one thing I told Kelly and Josh was I had to meet him before they got engaged. Everything has gone super fast with their relationship so yesterday was the first time meeting him. I really do think they are perfect for eachother. He is basically the guy version of her and I couldn't be happier for her. SO he asked if I would be there to take pictures so of course I said yes to that.
We planned to hang out saturday afternoon which she was already completely aware of. So we planned to go downtown and have a drink at the Vendue Inn's rooftop bar. He is not from Charleston so I knew he would enjoy the view up there and it is very Charleston. We walked through the market to just make sure there were no caricature artists down there but we never saw one. FAIL.
It was dreadfully hot so we ended up going straight up to the Vendue to have a drink. He texts me like basically how am I going to do this now?? We were running out of time. They had a party to be at in a little over an hour. So I said what about the pineapple fountain?? He was down!! So he convinced her to go walk over there real quick before we left downtown. and BOOM we got there and he got down on one knee. I stayed back once I realized it was GO time. I pretended to be taking pictures before he did that then I got their pictures. I know they are not AMAZING pictures but to have any picture of that moment in your life is great. I have no idea what he said besides, "Will you marry me?". I hope it was everything she hoped it would be because she deserves it.
Now one thing you should know about me, I am not emotional. Well let me rephrase that, I am but not publically. So when I tell you it brought tears to my eyes you know it was a great moment.
The Scene of the proposal, an absolute gorgeous Charleston day.

 This is the moment she realized THIS IS HAPPENING!
 This one is my absolute favorite out of all of the pictures I took.

The happy couple, we found a less sunny and hot spot to take a great picture.
So December 8th I will be helping her prepare for her wedding at Magnolia Gardens and walking down the aisle to watch them say, I do. There are lots of things to go down before that day and I can't wait. Lots of blog worthy events. August 31st we will be trying on dresses. I am really excited about that because it will be me, Kelly, Her mom, Aunt and grandmother at David's Bridal. It will be such a special time and I am very glad to share in the moments. Maybe one day she can return the favor and do all of this with me. Now, to find a guy ;) that might help as dad so kindly reminded me last night.
I'll be back to update on the rest of my weekend. I figured this event deserved it's own post.


Julie Sprankles said...

I love that he involved you (her BFF) in this... SO sweet, and shows that he is a great guy who will appreciate her friendships. If she needs custom save the date cards, wedding invitations, and/or photography, make sure she gets a quote from me :)

Nicole said...

Yay!! Congrats to your bestie =) I do love me a December wedding! Mine was on the 10th :)Cant wait to hear the details.