Monday, August 12, 2013

Pool Party Time

 This picture is completely un-related but I took it after the gym on Sunday. It is behind a boat store on James Island along with a ton of other art work. They are super cool, would be a great spot for a different kind of photo shoot.

Besides the proposal I wrote about before this weekend was very chill. I went to the beach friday, hung out with the fam and worked out.

Sunday, I woke up and went to the gym then hung out around the house for awhile. I had to ice my ankle again which is getting old. I have an apt on the 4th to get it looked at. I just hope they don't tell me anything too bad. Later that afternoon we all headed over to my aunt Christine's house for a birthday/pool party to celebrate my Cousin Kimberly, Aunt Susan and Aunt Theresas birthdays that were the previous week. The pool was perfect for once so we all went swimming. Normally their pool is WAY too cold for me but it was good that day. Family time, a few beers, pictures, yummy food and really yummy cake made for a great party.  I took a few pictures! Enjoy!
 That super yummy cake I previously mentioned
 Me and my Izzy swimming in the pool
 Mr. David and Aunt Theresa, they will be getting married in November :)
 Izzy, mom and Kimberly
 Izzy swimming with her Aunt Susie
 Pool, family and beer equals a great time
 Dad enjoying the pool and a beer :)
 Aunt Christine
 Izzy being silly with Kimberly haha she is a mess
 Lola Marie taking a break from the pool, that kid LOVES the water.
 Aunt Theresa, Izzy and Mom enjoying the pool some more after having some dinner. It was too cold for me to get back in at this point.
 Out of order, Theresa and I chatting about life. I always enjoy talking with her.
Here's that water child again!
Hopefully we can have some more fun times before summer is over. We have another good month and a half left of really warm summer weather.

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