Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sullivans Island family time

Today after my morning workout I headed to Sullivans Island to spend time with family. Shannon, Isabelle and I met up with my cousin Alicia and her 2 kids. They are house sitting one street back from the beach on Sullivans. The house is very different meaning decor and has no AC. The people who own the house are photographers for National Geographic so their style was definitely different yet cool. We really enjoyed spending time with our cousins today since they live in Greenville and we hardly see them.
 On our way to the beach, how cute are they??
 Sullivans Island lighthouse which is still a working lighthouse.
 Group photo minus me
 Oh the sass in this pictures ;)

 Izzy and me, her mouth is FULL of grapes.
 Sister "selfie"
 It was so neat to see a container ship entering the Charleston Harbor. It got so close and you realize just how big those ships are. There was another one not too terribly far behind it. Thanks to the rain though we didn't get to see that one come in.

 Popsicles on the porch after an afternoon at the beach. What could be better for a toddler??

The kids ate some spaghetti while we chilled and enjoyed talking with Alicia. Then we headed out for a golf cart ride. The golf cart ride was so relaxing with the ocean breeze. One of my favorite things to do is drive around looking at houses and that's what we did. The houses on Sullivans range from new and HUGE to old and cottage like. I loved the variety and honestly would probably pick the cottage style home if I had to choose.
 We also got to see Fort Moultrie on our golf cart ride.
I had a really great weekend and today was definitely a good ending to it. Back to work tomorrow though insert sad face now.

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