Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm on a boat ya'll

This 4th of July was mostly spent on the water. We woke up early and headed out on the boat to Kiawah. It was me, dad, mom and my sister Shannon. Oh and dads friends family! We got beat up on the way out there thanks to the waves but the day turned out to be great!! We got a lot of sun and fun! Unfortunately my sunscreen sucks and I have streaks on my legs. And yes it is the sunscreens fault! 
Before we left the yaucht club in the am 
I went on a long walk with mom and Shannon. We saw a ton of different things. Stingrays, crabs, a snake (yes) and horseshoe crabs(mostly dead)

Mom found a cooler full of beer so she brought it back. I never did find out whether they were any good or not. 
After the boat with the fam I went on a Brews Cruise with some friends. It was really nice out on the harbor and we got to see fireworks! 
Shannon, me and Rebekah! 

Being silly then a normal picture! 

By the end I had a super swollen ankle which was painful. I need to go see a dr it keeps popping and swelling. I'll do that eventually. 
The view this morning!! I love it!! 

Hope you all had a great 4th!! 

<3 Sara

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