Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cake anyone?

Saturday after the gym I went to my aunts for her after the 4th of July cookout. Tons of food and fun with the family. There was the pool too but it was freezing and the sun wasn't warming it up any. 
My cousin took this silly pic of me! 
Soon to be Uncle David and Izzy! 
Haha Lola looks like she hates me for taking this picture. 
Aunt Theresa and Izzy having fun in the pool. 
Shannon and me! 
Amanda and Izzy! 

After the party I went to see my friend Norrissia at the hospital. On Friday she ended up having her twin girls 5 weeks early. They are healthy and so so tiny. I won't lie I was scared to hold the 5lb babies!! I am hoping to go back this Saturday and get to see them again since they are now home. 

So my friend Shannon and I have kicked up our workouts again. We are now doing an ab routine in the am and doing more Tabata. Gooogle it if you want to know what that is. See also: Suicide. Haha it is NO joke people!! It gets to a point where you want to throw up and quit. Luckily neither of those has happened. Now I just have to get back on track with eating. The last 2 weeks have thrown me off. I will get back on it though!! I know what to do I just have to do it. :) I am loving my adventure of getting in shape! It is definitely not easy but it is so worth it! 

Have a blessed day loves!! 

<3 Sara

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