Monday, July 1, 2013

Another great weekend

Happy Monday! Wait... Is that even possible? Haha just seems like a dumb thing to say! Anyways, another pretty good weekend in the books. I didn't do anything super exciting but still good regardless. 

Friday I worked out then hung out with my friend Shannon and her family. We had a few beers and some super yummy dinner. Panko bread crumb "fried" shrimp, sweet potatos, and brocoli. 

Saturday morning I woke up and went to the gym for another good workout. Honestly, none of my workouts really are bad anymore. That's probably because now I have more motivation than ever before. I hung out around the house for awhile then went shopping with my sister. We have my cousins wedding at the end of July so she needed a dress. We had no luck in finding a dress for the wedding. However, we did find a cute sundress for $15 so I got that! I also got a really cute bracelet at Tres Carmen on James Island. I only really like their accessories. Their clothes are just not quite my style. 
I had never worn this dress before. I found it while going through my closet earlier that day! I was trying to get rid of stuff that I don't wear anymore. 

We ended up having dinner and a few beers at King Street Grille. Well I only wanted one but her friend was there and bought me 3 more. Hey if it's free i'll take it! 

Sunday I woke up and headed to the gym! 
I am loving the changes im seeing!! My stomach is alot smaller than it used to be! Exciting!! 

I went and saw my aunts and grandmother for a few after the gym! My aunt Theresa was showing me the plans for her wedding which is in November. She is planning it by herself which I think is cool. It's right around Veterans day and it is a patriotic theme which is fun! 

Then the sky fell so I hung out on the porch with the fam watching the rain! The amount of rain we have had lately is just crazy! We are all going to float away soon! 

Shannon and I ended up going to O'brions to meet our friend Dana! Lots of girl talk was had and it was a lot of fun! 
Shannon, Dana and myself! We did a group "selfie"! 
I finished the night with a yummy dinner with mom and dad then a bunch of tv! 

Im so excited for this week too! Lots of stuff going on for the 4th of July! Lots of boating and eating to be had!! Two of my favorite things :) 

Everyone have a great week!! 

<3 Sara

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