Monday, December 7, 2009

Its begining to....

look a lot like Christmas.

The Christmas tree I decorated at work. It's not in my office its in the mailcenter. I don't have enough people come through my office for me to put up my own tree. Although I do have some snowmen lights up.

This is the tree in my apartment. Kelly and I actually have had this tree up since the begining of November. We were feeling very festive VERY early this year! We have more decorations up and ill probably post pictures of those later.

Yesterday I got to help mom put up their front porch decorations too which was fun. Although it was COLD. I need to learn to put the flip flops AWAY once it starts getting cold. They are just so easy to put on. I wore them to the after Thanksgiving shopping and that was also a big mistake. lol im surprise they didn't turn black from the frost bite. That definitely makes me think of Mr. Deeds (the movie).

Hope you all are getting into the Christmas Spirit.

<3 Sara

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Nicole said...

I heart flip flops!! I can usually get away with them all year long except when its raining! Which rain here isnt too often =D