Monday, December 21, 2009

My Weekend

Well its Monday AGAIN! *sigh* However, it is Christmas week which is really exciting.

Friday, work was SLOW then I headed to my parents house to see them before they left town. WELL, the rain was ridiculous all day. There was flooding like everywhere. They decided to head out of town Saturday morning early because the weather was SO bad. But they went to a Christmas party so I decided to head home. Well that was all fine until I was literally STUCK on James Island. 2 of the 3 exits were closed by cops and I didn't want to go through the country to get home. So I had a good visit with my grandmother and my aunts. When I finally was able to leave it took me 45 mins to get home. RIDICULOUS!!!

Saturday, I went shopping with my 2 aunts. They spoiled me a little which I was completely fine with. Saturday night I started my fudge making. I made 2 batches of fudge, wrapped the rest of my Christmas presents, Drank hot chocolate and watched 2 Christmas movies with Kelly. I would say it was a rather festive evening.

Sunday, Church was GREAT!! The series Pastor Chris is talking about is Forgiveness. I have gotten past a couple of things that I had been holding onto. An ex bf I forgive, an ex friend, other situations I forgive... Just the situations im over it and ready to move on with life 100%. I have honestly loved this series. Last week it was about forgiving yourselves for whatever it is that you haven't forgiven yourself about. God died for our sins and forgives us so we should forgive ourselves. Anyways, After church I went home (parents house) and enjoyed time with my family. Mom and I got A LOT of her gifts wrapped. The boys even hung out with us!! BTW did I mention I made 3 more batches of fudge! haha ridiculous!!

That's pretty much my weekend!! Can't wait for Christmas oh and my birthday is 10 days away!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be the big 23! :)

<3 Sara

My tree FINALLY with presents under it!

SOME of the presents I wrapped with Mom. Theres more!

The boys had to help us! It took a couple of tries to get a GOOD pic!

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