Saturday, December 12, 2009

a little update

I really wish I could get creative with the titles to my blog. Lol Oh well I am just not really creative!!

Not a whole lot has been going on lately. Just working and working out with Angel. Her and I are becoming very great friends. She has been such a positive person in my life. <3

Yesterday I took the day off and did ALL my Christmas shopping. 8 hours with my Co-worker. We stayed in Mt. P and I got some GREAT deals. Then last night I went out with Angel and Kelly to Kicken Chicken in Mt. P and went bowling. Kelly didn't bowl because of her arthritis but Angel and I did. WE SUCKED!!! We never broke 100 she got to 99 though. I just did aweful!! Then Kelly and I came back home and watched a movie then I watched one before bed. I went to sleep around 2am!! CRAZY! I hardly EVER stay up that late, In fact I get joked with that im a grandma!

Today im going to have a GREAT day!! Im going to see New Moon with my sister. I can't wait I have heard its awesome!!!! THEN im going with Kelly and my friend Damien to Theater 99 its a comedy place downtown. We are going to see The have knots improv comedy!! I have never been to a comedy club before so im REALLY excited. :) Ill be sure to update with pictures and a review of the movie and club!!

<3 Sara


Nicole said...

lol my bedtime is 8:30 9 the latest!! Thank goodness for DVR. COmedy clubs are awesome! You will love it =D

Whitney said...

New MOon frickin rocks, man I loved that movie!!!