Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday

TO ME!!!! Today I am 23 years old! How exciting right? Well nothing really exciting about turning 23 at least I havent figure it out yet. :) But regardless it is MY birthday and thats just good enough. Unfortunately I have had to work today delivering mail in this crappy weather. It's dreary outside but luckily NOT raining. After work im going to pick up Kodie and go to my parents house for Birthday festivities. Really its just hanging out with the fam with some food and some yummy cake! :) Mmm Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. YUM YUM!!

Tomorrow I am going out with Angel and possibly some other girls. We are going ICE SKATING! WOO!! I love ice skating and how exciting because Angel has NEVER done it before. I tell ya she is truely becoming one of my very best friends. <3 I think we are doing lunch and barnes and noble with the skating. Dinner tomorrow night is the traditional Hoppin johns (sp?) EWWWW! But mom makes me eat them every year. Does anyone else have to be forced to eat that stuff?

Anyways I hope you all have a very safe and happy New year!!

<3 Sara

PS My Christmas post will come tonight. I have no internet at my apt so I have to wait until I get to my parents house to update. :)

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