Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet Kodie

So I guess I got my Christmas wish after all. His name is Kodie and he is a Boston Terrier Mix. Im hoping the vet can tell me what he is mixed with on Saturday.

I went to Columbia this weekend to see The Shults family and yesterday morning looked on Craigslist and saw this bundle of joy. He is 7 weeks old and never been to the vet but seems healthy to me. Lola is actually the one who named him and I thought it was just a really fitting name. I hope to soon have better pictures of him but its hard to take a picture of a puppy who only sleeps. :)

Last night he was in his crate all night and woke me up 3 times which isn't bad. Kelly said he was REALLY loud today so I hope the neighbors dont completely hate me. But I want him crate trained and this is just how it will be for a few days I guess. It will be worth it in the end. One of my old friends used to use a kong with peanut butter in it so I might try that too. We shall see I just hope I dont screw him up. haha I have little faith in my parenting skills. But I have plenty of people giving advice. So if any of you have advice do share!

<3 Sara


WhitneyB99 said...

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Missing Gabe said...

I had commented on your post but apparently the blog site didn't want to post it so..... I was saying that you should try the kong thing! My step mom gives it to her psychotic dog when she leaves for work.. make sure you use doggy peanut butter! It comes in a can esp. for dogs probably from Petsmart or something.I am sure you will be a great mommy to that adorable little Kodie! And now Ms. Marry and Mr. Shealee are grandparents again!

Sara Lynn said...

lol now they have 5 grandchildren. :) I think dad really likes him too!