Friday, November 27, 2009


Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone like a flash. This year was really nice and spent with alot of family. Including our new baby Isabelle. I <3 her!! I hope you all enjoyed your time with your family as much as I did. Oh and I got to see a special Sgt so that made the evening nice. Watched Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage... didn't really like it. Anywho below are some pics from our fabulous Thanksgiving day.

*Dad I need more pics of you*

This morning SOMEHOW my co-worker Shawn convinced me I needed to wake up at 3AM and go shopping with her BEFORE work. Ugh!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER again!!!! Mark my words UNLESS I have the day off. We went to Belk *got an $80 pair of boots for $15 not bad!! Then we went to Target and I got Lola's xmas present and some movies. Shawn had a shopping cart FULL in a matter of 5 mins!! CRAZINESS!! But overall it was fun!! Tonight I got to see my friend Pam who just moved to Texas in July. I have missed her and her family SOO much!! She is truly a great friend and I am so glad her and I became such great friends. I REALLY hope that maybe once I have some money I can fly out to Dallas and visit them!!

Tomorrow I am driving with a car FULL *me, Heather, Kainen, Lola, Olivia and Heathers dog* to Columbia. We are headed to the Miley Cyrus concert! Lola is really excited and im not going to lie im a little excited myself. I like Mileys music so don't hate! lol Im sure ill have plenty of pics for my next post.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

<3 Sara

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Missing Gabe said...

You are so crazy.... Lola is going to be super duper surprised to see Miley! Great pics! Miss your family so much!..... and Isabelle is a cutey!