Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Sunset

 I forgot to post their Santa picture from Friday night, I thought it was cute and we had to get it since we got a Santa picture from last year too!

 Saturday was such a good day and the weather was amazing all day which definitely helped! I got up early to workout then we all had some breakfast and I left for a bit. I had a 1 hour massage/eyebrow wax appointment which was much needed. I told Amber the girl who does the massage that I could have just laid on that table which had a heating blanket on it and been just fine! It was so peaceful and comfortable, I loved it!

 I went to Trader Joes after looking for their gingerbread houses but they were sold out. I have heard theirs are the best so next Christmas I will be going there early and getting them.  I did get some yummy food and pretty flowers. They seriously have the best flowers and they are so cheap compared to most places. I came home to this view below.... video games! ay ay ay... boys and their video games! Thankfully we have more than 1 tv so I can just go in the living room.

 We went down to my parents house later to hang out! Oliver was being super cute so I took a ton of pictures of him!


 We ate some pizza then headed to the yacht club to try and see the boat parade which we KINDA saw but not really lol We saw the boats lining up but they started the parade all the way across the harbor. We did however get to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset!!

 This was how it started when we got there!

 Me on the left Lola on the right, we had to take pictures!

 Love this kid, the one who gave me the title Aunt!


 I was glad Dad gave us binoculars to use, that was the only way we saw the boats! Good call dad!

 We hung out for a bit then we all headed home!
 Mommy got me a margarita :) my favorite

 We had Isabelle spending the night which was fun! We got home, took baths then they played Uno after having a snack which consisted of brownies! real healthy ;)

Then bed time!!! Oh bed time you are amazing when it comes to having kids around HAHA no seriously we had a great day but by 9 I was exhausted and ready for bed! Dave and I watched some tv then off to sleep!!


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