Thursday, December 17, 2015

Babysitting adventures

Wednesday my sister needed me to watch Oliver so we got to babysit for a little bit which worked out great because we had the kids! They love them some Oliver and plus they could help entertain him which definitely worked out.
 The kids got there first and Logan showed me this picture of him and Santa from school! How cute is this picture, it really turned out great! He also got a "report" card if you will regarding behavior etc and it sounds like he is improving so much in school and they seem to be happy with his progress. Only one thing I know from reading that report and from experience is he needs to work on listening but seriously isn't that EVERY kid??  We also found out he will be starting soccer which will be so fun and I think so good for him. He told me everyone can come to his games so that will definitely be cute to go see when we can! I am sure there will be some we have to take him to anyway since he is with us every other weekend. Let's hope they aren't too early!

So anyway he did homework then Oliver showed up!! We had lots of fun playing and even having dinner picnic style on the floor haha Aunt Sara has no high chair so yeah it had to work! He did good and he really liked my cheddar breaded chicken so definitely a win for me!

 We love some selfies around here!

 I was actually surprised not once did he touch the tree or the presents underneath it! I thought for sure it would have been a problem! I was wrong! 
They all left about the same time which was funny because the house was SO quiet after they left! I am sure there will be more random babysitting for us in the future!


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