Monday, December 7, 2015

We moved

This past weekend can be summed up in 2 words: Exhausting and exciting!
Dave and I moved from our 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom and holy cow I had NO clue it would be that much work. First of all where the heck did all this stuff come from?? I mean I knew we had a lot of stuff but apparently not that much in my mind.
 We got our keys Thursday at 4 and literally spent until 8:30 for me and 9:30 for the boys moving stuff and packing. My arm looked aweful from carrying stuff! We got a lot done thankfully and got some rest because Friday morning we started again.
 After breakfast I walked over and this was the view, I definitely love our new view! Plus if we open our windows or door we can hear the fountain in the pond which is relaxing.
Mom, Dad and uncle David came over around 9 and helped us until about noon I think. So thankful for all their help, there is NO way we could have done that by ourselves.... it was just too much!
 This basically sums up how I felt about the actual MOVING everything part! After they left, we headed back to the old apartment to clean everything and move the last few little things we had left. My nose was burning by 2 from all the bleach! We got a lot put away and sorted Friday night but there was still so much to do!
I should also note, my fitbit told me I walked a total of 27,511 steps from 4pm Thursday to Friday night before bed! INSANE!!!!
I did this little side by side comparison with a photo that showed up in my timehop on Friday, my face has definitely changed a lot in a year and you can see my collar bones more! The pic below I took Sunday evening while trying on some clothes, I was feeling super fat until I looked in the mirror and thought oh I don't look so bad! It is amazing to me how I can still look/feel (in my head) that I am still the 185lb girl I used to be. The mind is a very interesting thing!
 I ate HORRIBLE Thursday night and Friday so the fact that I wasn't all gross looking really says something to me about the products I use.

 Saturday morning Teddy and I hung out in Alaynas bedroom because I could connect to wifi in there :) then we finished a lot of the house stuff (sorting/hanging stuff). I left Dave to finish stuff that was driving his OCD crazy while I went to Walmart where I spent too much money then to drop off stuff at Goodwill. I took a selfie because it was the first time since Thursday morning that I felt "cute" haha aka not sweaty/filthy from moving everything!
 We took a break and went to my parents house to hang out for a little bit AND to go get my Christmas stuff from my sisters house. They watch my nephew every Saturday now so we get to see him too!

 Mom and the bubs, so cute!

 Isabelle got to feed Oliver some of his dinner!

 Someone was not a fan of his Christmas hat but he looked so darn cute in it!

 We headed home around 6:30, upon arrival we found a note on our door from a neighbor. Apparently Teddy barked the entire 3 hours we were gone, according to this note! So we scooped him up and went to PetSmart to buy a bark collar for $100!!!! I was not thrilled to spend that much money especially on the dog BUT I can't be that neighbor with the annoying dog. We tested it out Saturday night and he still barked here and there but you could tell he was realizing everytime he barked he got zapped a little bit. There were no notes on our door yesterday granted we were home MOST of the day but there was definitely enough time for him to annoy someone IF it doesn't work. So please pray there are no notes on my door today because otherwise I am not sure what we will do, maybe a muzzle? that seems SO mean though! Today is his first FULL day in his crate with it on so I guess we will see! *fingers crossed* 
So let's just say my mood was crappy Saturday night so I fixed it, I decorated the apartment for Christmas and watched Elf! I have an entire post of my decorations which probably isn't that interesting but I love them so humor me! :)

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