Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve and Morning

Guys, Christmas was awesome!!! I took about a million pictures this weekend so I am breaking them up into a few different posts! There really is just something magical about this time of year, I love it!!!
 Christmas eve is up first! Dave had the whole day off and I had to work for 4 hours which was much worse than I thought it would be. There was hardly anyone at work and literally no work to do. Being that bored can make even 30 minutes hard to get through but I made it! Dave wanted to go to my parents house to put something on his car so I decided I would give him one of his gifts early, rain guards for his car! I know that sounds so silly but it was #1 on his list this year, he was pretty happy besides the fact that they were not easy to put on. They do look really cool though!  

We headed home for me to make more oreo truffles for Christmas day, they taste better if you let them sit overnight in the fridge so making them Christmas day was not an option.
We headed to church at 4:45 because we both had to serve. I loved how they did the golf carts, I should have taken a picture at night when they were all lit up.

 The girls giving me forced smiles lol pretty sure Lola has candy in her mouth as well!

After church we planned to get my dads cornhole boards, well that was a mess! The guy was supposed to come to my house around 9.... well the clock kept ticking and no guy and he wasn't answering his phone.... I was exhausted and getting irritated. FINALLY at almost 10 the guy answered his phone and after talking we decided to go to his house to get the boards luckily he didn't live too far away (15 mins) but man I wish he had answered his phone at 8:30 and not 10!!

The boards are REALLY awesome though plus it was for my daddy so it was 100% worth it!
 Christmas morning Dave woke up about 4:30 or so and I slept until almost 8. Our initial plan was for him to sleep in, me go workout then when I got back do gifts but that didn't happen. He was so excited to do gifts we did them before I worked out!

 He got the Eagles beanie he is wearing, a head unit for his car (radio), some cologne and candy! He got me 2 really awesome long sleeve shirts from Palmetto Moon and some workout socks I really love! He had one gift waiting for me at my parents house I got to open later!
Teddy was not a fan of the Pug Santa left for Alayna (it barked) He was obsessed with it all morning.
 Christmas morning selfie with my boy then off to burn a few calories before consuming a million!
 I got back and he was putting together the kids gifts from Santa, Logan got this HUGE garage and Alayna got a pony castle among a few other things! Then we had some super yummy cinnamon rolls, I didn't plan to eat them but once they were done I just had to! I couldn't help it, they smelt amazing!!

 The kids gifts ready for them when they got home later that evening!
 We got ready then he went to get the kids and I took a car full of gifts to my parents house for even more Christmas fun!!


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