Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas night

This is the last Christmas day post for you guys!

We got home around 6ish from a fun filled day with the fam. I was sure the kids would fall asleep in the cars. Alayna rode home with me and she was talking my head off haha that kid can talk that is a fact!
 They walked in and Santa presents were waiting for them and a couple of things from us but mostly Santa

 Alayna got a my little pony castle with extra ponies, a chair, a pug that barks etc, earrings, my little pony play dough stuff and a huge tent for her bed. I forget what was in the stockings I do know there was a lot of candy in there!

 Logan got a huge garage for his hot wheel cars, a chair, a light saber, a fighter game, a remote control car with a helicopter in it and a basketball hoop for his closet door.

 2 happy spoiled kids!
I initially felt like I didn't get them enough but once you see everything they got all in their rooms I am so glad we kept it low key at our house. Plus Daves mom sent a HUGE box yesterday so they are good!

 This is semi a tradition for me. When we were younger we would put all our stuff we got for Christmas on our beds and my Aunt Susan and Grammy would come and see what we got and anyone else that was interested but I know for sure those 2 always did. Even though they obviously were not there to look I still do this and just take a picture.
 Alaynas tent, we had to re-arrange her bedroom Sunday because we found her sleeping sideways with her head out the hole so she could watch tv. I won't lie it looked hilarious but you know that is not good for her neck.
 Dave put up my jewelry holder/armoire in the closet, I really love it, tons of space for LOTS of jewelry! Now I can see everything and I am more likely to wear more of my stuff than before!

One thing I noticed from these pictures, my apartment has horrible lighting! I may need to use the flash in there from now on.

 Just for fun I made these collages with fun borders!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as we did!


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