Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Decor

Saturday evening I decorated for Christmas because I needed to get myself out of a funk thanks to the note left on my door by my neighbor. Dave got to enjoy some video game time while I was decorating, he was completely good with that!

Let's just say it worked! I put on Elf, got out all my decorations and got to work!


 Christmas tree selfies because why not!

 I sent this picture to Kelly, this is one of our movies we watched together when we were roomies! It just isn't the same without her!

 Here is Teddy sporting his new EXPENSIVE bark collar! Which I would like to report does in fact work. I have received no nasty notes on my door or calls/emails from the office. Thank God! This was seriously giving me anxiety because I do not ever want to be the annoying neighbor.

I didn't feel all that great on Sunday so I spent my morning watching The Holiday (ones of my faves) and wrapping all my Christmas Presents.

 Sunday early evening we went to Kirklands and I got a few more deocrations and now I am done! So I took more pictures!

 I had to buy the sailor nutcracker! I really want to start collecting cool ones, buy a new one each Christmas! I only have 3 so far... it's a start.
Dave decorated our porch Sunday night, it looks way cooler in person! In fact I downright love it! A lot of people have decorated their porches this year which I love when we are out walking Teddy.

I can't wait for the kids to see everything plus their new house! Lots of excitement on Wednesday I am sure especially since their buddy Jesse is coming over to play!


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