Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fresh air

Sunday morning we got an EARLY start ok 7am isn't that early but for us it was. I had to be at church before 8:30! We literally had to wake the kids up. 
After church we grocery shopped then came home had lunch then the kids watched The Santa Claus 2 one of my favorites! 

I wanted to go workout so we all went to the AFB, me to the gym them to the park. Then the gym closed early so I got an almost mile walk in going to the park. 

It was such a gorgeous day and the walk was so quiet and peaceful! I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

We had a really good time, I even got to swing which I love! 

Definitely a fun way to end the weekend!! 

This week has been full of work and packing with a side of a cold/sore throat. We start moving Thursday, my apartment is a wreck so I can't wait to move and have all our stuff organized. 

Enjoy your week! Mine will be crazy! 


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