Monday, November 30, 2015

Go Tigers!

Saturday was a huge football day in the state of South Carolina, the Clemson/Carolina game. I grew up a Clemson fan so of course I say Go Tigers!!!
We went over to my parents house to hang out for the afternoon while the game was on. I watched only a little bit of it if we are being honest here but I am So glad they won!

Scooters have become a big thing while we are there! Thankfully I think these 2 are getting their own for Christmas which means no more fights over them! (hopefully)

 We had the cutest little tiger of them all to play with!

 Dave and the kids played Uno. The girls ditched the boys after an hour then Dave and Logan played for another hour by themselves. Insane!
 My cousin Alicia and 2 of her kids came by and played for awhile! The girls really did play well together for the most part. You know there is the typical bickering that comes with any group of kids playing together but it wasn't bad.

 These girls played on the scooters for a good hour together!

 This is my cousins Oliver, we have 2 and they are both adorable!

Definitely a nice day with the family!! The weather was gorgeous again, we have had amazing weather the last few days which best continue for Friday and Saturday when we are moving all our stuff!

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