Monday, November 9, 2015

I needed this

This past Friday my niece Isabelle turned 6, how is that even possible??? She is growing up too fast, but heck they all are. Yet I don't feel like I am any older ;) amazing how that works!

After work Dave and I did some Christmas shopping and got some paint for his rims then headed to James Island to meet up with everyone for dinner at La Carretta. I haven't had Mexican in awhile besides the tacos I make at home which do not count.

 Insanely huge Margaritas Shannon and I got, we didn't even put a dent in it, we should have shared and we still wouldn't have finished one! haha

 I asked the waiter if they do anything for birthdays and he said yes, we are eating our dinner then we hear singing and notice it is headed for our table. They put a huge sombrero on Isabelle and gave her ice cream but first they put ice cream and whipped cream on her face while they sang, pretty sure she loved every second of it.

Some of us took turns trying on the sombrero!

 How cute is bubs, love him!

Dave and I both agreed that we really had an awesome time out for her birthday! We all came back to hang out at my parents house then we headed home.
Our Saturday was typical except we spent the afternoon painting Daves rims with Plastidip, it actually turned out really good. We were all shocked, I mean we knew it would look decent but it turned out better than we anticipated. While sitting outside enjoying the lovely weather and watching paint dry (literally) we got to meet some of our neighbors which was nice.

Before and after picture!
We did absolutely nothing the rest of the night except dinner and TV. Our sunday wasn't all that eventful (meal prepped, gym for me, lots of hanging out oh and we did go see mom and dad for a bit) but we needed a super chill weekend as the next weekends are going to be busy until about January!
Happy Monday everyone!!

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