Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving to protect our country and our freedom!
 This is a picture of one of my favorite veterans, my Papa, I sure miss him!
 The kids school did a special veterans day breakfast Dave was able to attend. I think the kids enjoyed getting a special visit from daddy at school. He said they had no idea he was coming! Apparently the breakfast wasn't all that tasty BUT it was free so you really can't complain too much.
While he was having breakfast I hung out at home and took Teddy for a walk it was a bit chilly but a beautiful morning.

I also got a few inches chopped off my hair which was much needed for sure! I am going to stick to dying it myself for awhile to save money.
 Oh and I don't know if I mentioned but I got glasses.... welcome to the 4 eyes club ;) I don't need to wear them ALL the time but I haven't had a bad headache since I got them almost a week ago so I definitely will be wearing them more than I initially thought I would. Logan said I looked silly, why must kids be so honest? haha luckily he is the ONLY one who has said that.

 Dave and the kids met up with me at my parents house after I got my hair done. I even had a little time before going to JI to get a few Christmas gifts done! I officially have 3 people completely done!! Anywho It was a nice day so we sat outside for a little bit and the kids played. They really liked Dads new shed, climbing in and jumping out!
 Alayna decided to look at the Toys R Us and walmart toy catalogs, she has looked at the Toys R Us one at least 3 times now and I have a feeling she may look again. Luckily she keeps picking the same things over and over so I am catching on to what she REALLY wants and what is more impulse decision making. I told her Santa is watching and that I might even get her a few things out of there from me but she has to be good. haha we will see how that bribery works! I can say one thing for certain this year, I am SO happy they will be getting their own bedrooms otherwise there would be no room for all these new toys. 22 days until we move... I am excited and dreading it all at the same time! I am thinking while Dave and the kids are in Jersey I may take advantage of them being gone and get rid of some of the less popular items in their room. They have so much stuff they probably have no clue what all is even in there anymore!
The pretty sunset while walking Teddy.
We left earlier than planned because were going to take advantage of Applebees free dinner for veterans on the way home but it was PACKED, we tried 2 more places and they were all packed so we ended up eating dinner at home. I was not happy because I was actually really looking forward to some applebees, they have awesome wonton tacos but they will have to wait for another time! I sounded like such a fat kid just now being upset over not getting to eat a certain place haha oh well!
Having a day off in the middle of the week was such a tease, we felt like it was a Saturday especially since we had the kids most of the day. One more workday and it will be the weekend again! yay!!

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