Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or Treat smell my feet....

Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat if you don't I don't care i'll pull down your underwear.... I only heard this about 50 thousand times between Friday at 7pm until Halloween was done haha it was funny the first few times ;)
Friday at work I randomly decided Dave and I could dress up for Trick or treating, oh if only I had decided this a few weeks ago or even before the day before Halloween. So after work was done I went to Party City and waited and waited and waited, they were SO understaffed I gave up. I thought I had a pirate costume in my closet and figured I could get Dave some face paint on Saturday but when I got home I realized there was no pirate costume. Luckily he got home early from the gym so we headed to a different party city that had plenty of people to help you, we were in and out in less than 30 minutes which was amazing. We went to pick up the kids since we were pretty close to their house then headed home after getting some dinner.
Saturday was Halloween and it was like most Saturdays for us, we headed to JI to hang out before going to trick or treat. We were half way to JI when I realized I forgot to bring Alayna shoes, all she had were brown boots (fake uggs) this was not going to work at all. Thankfully Walmart is just down the road so we went and found her perfect little flats for $9.97 which she can also wear anytime so win win! She somehow talked me into buying her some Elsa bedroom slippers, spoiled haha luckily she has already worn them around the house so it appears I didn't waste my money.
We had some dinner, not without a few tears from someone who didn't want to eat, then we got in our costumes. We took some pictures outside before we left.

 We had 2 Elsa's, a minion, GI Joe and bumblebee

  Car selfies, always a good idea! ( I wasn't driving)
I took this picture because I was so excited to get my costume in a SMALL!! It just fit but I don't care because it did FIT! :)

 We went trick or treating in my grandmothers neighborhood because they block off an entire street and at the end is a church with a big ole festival so it really is perfect and safe for the kids.  

 My Aunt Theresa and Uncle David always go ALL out for anything they do, they had this Indian setup where they were giving out candy, it was awesome!

 All those wooden ghosts, cactus, horse etc they made!

 Me and my grammy, the indian!
 Her scary face is priceless

 I took a picture of a stranger because I really liked his costume, it was definitely creative!

 We got down to the church they had games, a petting zoo, pony rides, popcorn, and jump castles! We hung out around here for at least an hour but it started to get a little chilly outside, my cousin Matthew and I were both cold so we all headed back to my grammies house but not before we got some more candy!


 Isabelle playing one of the games, I think this is like Plinko on the price is right
 The ghost looked so cool once it was dark, I loved it

 My aunt Theresa took these pictures of the kids before we left.  
 Logan is quite the character
 Me and my boy, who later had a stained face haha
We had such a fun Halloween and I was quite thankful for the extra hour Sunday morning. I was able to get in an almost hour workout before coming back to get everyone breakfast and get ready for church.

We hung out at my parents house Sunday afternoon/evening before taking the kids back to mommy. Alayna loves to water moms flowers, it's cute!
They played with lots of play dough, ate a really yummy dinner then had plenty of candy.
We got home, Dave cleaned then we TRIED to watch the Walking Dead but only made it until about 9:30, which basically was 10:30 for my internal clock so I mean I stayed up pretty late ;) haha
Another fun weekend full of memories!

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Nice costumes! Looks like so much fun ♥♥