Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1st NFL game

Holy cow I am exhausted from this weekend but I had SO much fun!!! I will be going bed to early again tonight for sure since last nights was not enough to catch me up!
Friday and Saturday we did our norm, chill, gym, grocery shop and hang with the fam on JI.
Sunday morning we had our new dryer delivered then mom and Shannon picked us up to head to Charlotte, NC to attend our first NFL game. It was really cool that we all got to experience our first game together especially Dave who is a HUGE Eagles fan.
We got to Charlotte around 2:45, we found our parking spot so we knew where to go later, went to the hotel then went to Old Navy, Marshalls and Ulta for a little shopping.
We wanted to get to the stadium when it opened so we could walk around and get to see everything we could!

When we were walking towards the stadium we were hearing tons of sirens and when we got close we realized it was a motorcade for the Eagles busses arriving at the stadium, I won't lie this was pretty cool to see.

 We took some pictures of us all outside the stadium before going in. The stadium was so nice and HUGE I had no idea it was this darn big.

We didn't get any autographs or pictures with the players but we were allowed to go by the tunnel where they come out of while they were warming up so we still got to see them up close which was still pretty neat. I am glad we got to go down there and see the field etc up close because our seats were not so close.

 According to mom an NFL hall of famer took this picture, I had no clue but she said he had one of the rings on. Regardless of not knowing who it was that is still pretty neat to think about.

One of the players Dave was stoked to see, not sure of his name!


I got this shirt on Thursday and the guy put my name and a #1 on the back in glittery letters, Yep I love it!

 We grabbed some pizza and beverages then headed up to find our seats. I didn't think the heights would bother me but it took me a good 30 minutes to get used to it and not feel anxious about being so high up. Then it was game time!

 This is a panoramic view from our seats, HUGE stadium!!

 I love these 3!! I am so glad we all got to go and have so much fun together!

Unfortunately the Eagles didn't win but the Panthers are undefeated this season so it wasn't a HUGE shock to us we did of course HOPE they would win though since we were there!
We all had So much fun, I wouldn't mind going to another one  but it will be awhile! I don't think the Eagles will come back to Charlotte until 2017. The game ended around 11:30, we got to the car around 12 then the hotel close to 1. Have I ever mentioned I go to bed around um 9:30-10, well it wasn't as hard to stay awake like I thought it would be but I definitely was tired by the time we got back to the hotel. Unfortunately I didn't sleep very well so I looked tired all Monday even had blood shot eyes. BUT no time for that because we had some shopping to do first stop was Old Navy (because IKEA wasn't open yet) then IKEA! I love this store!!! I have only ever been on weekends before and let me just say shopping there on a weekday morning was PERFECT, the store had shoppers but nothing compared to a weekend.
 I was trying out one of the couches and holy comfortable batman OR I was that tired anything would be comfortable but I definitely could have slept here. Mom and Shannon ended up trying it out too so Dave snapped a picture! I really like this picture!
 We shopped for a good 2 hours then headed back to Charleston.

Dave convinced me to buy a new coffee table, end table and a dresser so he ended up spending most of the night building furniture after he picked up Teddy from the Newmans. Apparently Teddy was a good boy and had a lot of fun! He was either super tired or we were really boring to him when he got home because he just slept the entire time.
We watched The Walking Dead before bed and if you are a walking dead fan, I truly don't think he is dead just sayin!! I wasn't as shocked by the episode but I don't think it was as dramatic as people were making it out to be. I am curious to see next weeks episode but they will probably keep us guessing for a little bit to see IF he truly died. haha only walking dead fans will know what the heck I am talking about!

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