Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Family Halloween Party

Sunday afternoon at 2pm my Aunt Theresa and Uncle David threw a Halloween Party for all the kids in the family and a few of their friends. This party was a HIT and they really did such a great job. I enjoyed this party more than the adult Halloween party we have had the last 10 plus years. It was just more FUN!
 One excited kid on the way to the party!
 Some of the goodies they had out!

The kids absolutely loved all the d├ęcor they had out which was mostly pirate themed. If I had known it was a pirate theme I would have worn my costume but I would have been much more cold.
 Lola was a nerd, Logan was Bumblebee, Alayna was a mermaid, Isabelle was Anna, Oliver was a lion, Adriana was a lamb and Jesse boy was a dinosaur which I completely forgot the name of, Ashley don't tell him haha

 2 boys and their swords
 Mommy and daddy :) and Shannon and Adriana

 Best friends!! I was so glad we were able to invite our friends, we all had a lot of fun!
 Walking the plank

 A super cute lion

How cute is my grammy??
 So Dave has had this joke for a while about proposing to me with a ring pop and they had them at the party so we faked a proposal and Shannon posted it on FB. a couple of my girlfriends actually thought it was real at first HAHA silly girls!

 This is probably by far my favorite picture from the party!
 Being silly, which we are great at!

The pirate made the sailor walk the plank!

 Mummy wrapping time with toilet paper!


 A few kiddos were missing but this is most of the crew from the party! I promise Alayna had shoes she just chose not to wear them.
 Love my cousin Kimmy Marie!

Even after all the games were said and done the kids ran around the backyard and played for awhile!
 We got to eat the yummy cake and they had rootbeer floats, did I mention they went ALL out for this party!! Seriously, they always go above and beyond especially when it comes to the kids.

2 pretty girls drinking their floats
 I would say this is definitely the end result of having lots and lots of fun. I think this was about 10 minutes after we left to go home! They got to take home goodie bags, 2 swords, treasure, balloons and a pizza! Thankful for such a great family who threw such a great party!!

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