Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend part 1

 This past weekend was really really good minus an almost 24 hour stomach deal I had which is nothing new for me. Luckily it didn't stop me from completely enjoying my Saturday!
Friday after work I went to Sams club with mom and Susan then went to pick up Isabelle to come have a sleepover! Traffic was HORRENDOUS so we hung out at Nini and Papas house for a few. We loved getting some bubs time too.
 Remember that traffic I mentioned... well we only hit a small spot of it on the way home thankfully then we took a few selfies at a red light. Don't worry I would NOT do this while driving especially with a child in my car! :)

 Dave had pizza already at the house when we got there so we ate some dinner then we all headed outside for a good hour to play hide n go seek in the dark which they LOVED. Shockingly nobody stepped in dog poop too, seriously I was shocked!
 This is Logan with a fuzzy caterpillar he found, I made sure he did not touch it because some of the crazy looking ones are poisonous.
Saturday morning I went to the gym while Dave hung out with the kiddos. I had a good workout then came home and started to feel a little yuck, I didn't feel real bad until we went to my parents house later that afternoon.

The kids played outside 90% of the time we were there which made me nervous at times because there was stuff they kept doing that we told them not to like climbing on cinderblocks... yeah! We want to let them be kids but I would like it to not involve a trip to the ER. They had really yummy dinner which I decided to decline just in case lol then we headed home but not before a lot of tears were shed. Isabelle wanted to spend the night SO bad again but I didn't let her. It broke my heart a little but sometimes you just have to say no. It does make me happy though that she truly loves playing with Logan and Alayna, they played SO well together!
Next post will be insanely long, we went to a Halloween Party yesterday and I love most of the pictures I took! Picture overload up next... stay tuned ;)

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