Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sun for the win

  Seriously the sunset Friday night was GORGEOUS! We did nothing Friday night but chill which was much needed after the week I had last week.
 Saturday morning was started with a bootcamp Ashley invited me to. I have not done a bootcamp in over a year but I figured why not at least TRY plus hello it was free. I was glad her and I did this together and we may do it on random Saturdays because it was definitely hard and gets us out of our ordinary routine. I love the gym but it was nice to get outside and workout! Plus I had someone to tell me what to do so zero thinking required.

One of the girls was taking pictures so I found these on FB.
I am in the back left attempting squats with a 10lb weight... harder than it sounds
 We did it!!!! woop woop!! Rosey faces and all!
I got home and decided since we had to go to the AFB to grocery shop why not get in an extra workout since we didn't get to Monday thanks to that storm. Yes I am crazy and my body has been sore now for 2 days but sore today strong tomorrow, right? We hung out for a bit then headed to JI to hang with the family.
 The girls helped mom make a cake, I got there while they were making the frosting. It was only slightly messy haha

 Dave was nice enough to try and clean the headlights of my car because they were super foggy then we went to the auto store and got a part to hopefully keep my headlights from randomly shutting off while driving. You know important stuff! Dave got himself new headlight bulbs that are really bright!!
 I love this picture of Oliver, so cute!
 I helped Isabelle build a mini fort we both barely fit in it but we did fit! She thought it was fun!

 Dave and I took a walk with the girls to the school and back, it was such a beautiful day I loved getting to be outside. Plus it was quality time with the girls which I enjoyed.

 silly selfies!!

 We had some yummy wings for dinner followed by chocolate cake then we headed home! Sunday we had church we both had to volunteer, I worked out, hit up bath n body works then we literally did nothing the rest of the day. We were super lazy!
 Yesterday we had the day off thanks to Columbus and we literally were SO lazy most of the day.
 I did take Teddy for a walk in the morning and got to see the gator and about 20 turtles. I guess they were enjoying the beautiful day also. I didn't go to the gym because I thought we were going later. So we chilled until about 4 then drove to the gym to find out it was closed.... breaks my heart! haha we came back worked out at the apartment gym then took Teddy for a walk since seriously it was so gorgeous out. I think after last weekends dreariness I am soaking in every bit of amazing weather we get until it really starts to cool off around here.

 Next weekend we have the kids, Isabelle is sleeping over Friday, I am hoping to make it to bootcamp again we shall see and Sunday we have a Halloween party!!! Lots of fun!!!


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