Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rain Rain go AWAY!

Rain was 100% the theme for this weekend as it started Friday and stopped Monday night? We had a lovely hurricane Joaquin out in the Atlantic which luckily bypassed us but she drenched us in the process of passing on by.
 Friday night we picked up the kids from their house then headed to Wendys for dinner because this girl did NOT feel like cooking and they have a super yummy bbq chicken salad that I may or may not be obsessed with.
When we got home I am not sure what overcame me but I decided to go through ALL of the kids clothes and get rid of most of the summer clothes (keeping some out) and bringing out their fall/winter stuff. While doing this I realized we hardly had anything for Alayna which I am glad I discovered Friday night as we had some chill to the air this weekend. Dave was quite thankful I found the motivation to get this done as he was dreading it. Luckily we don't need to have a ton of clothes for them as they are only with us every other weekend and on Wednesdays they just wear clothes from their moms house. BUT I still want them to have cute clothes for when they are with us!

 Saturday is when the rain really got bad and some parts of Charleston started flooding quickly. I was lucky enough to get to the gym with no issue, went to Walmart and dropped off clothes that we were donating all before lunch.

Dave decided he didn't want even a drop of water to hit him while taking out the trash and walking Teddy so he dressed up in this military outfit and I HAD to take a picture. On his walk he found a baby turtle literally it was like an inch wide. He brought it up to show the kids then we all walked outside and put him back into the little pond we have. The kids thought this was SO cool and I won't like Dave and I did too!

 We all decided since the weather was no worse than any other rainy day in our area we wanted to get out of the house. First stop was Old Navy because they had some good sales going and I wanted to get some clothes for Alayna to wear. She got some leggings, a few shirts and some ugg looking boots that were super cute! Then we headed to the mall for them to play and get out some energy and just have some FUN!

 Logan did get an "injury" from face planting on the ground, he didn't cry so I didn't think it was bad until later at dinner he came to the table with a scratch on 2 places on his face and it was REAL red. They had a lot of fun!
 I stopped in the Childrens Place because they had a 50% off sign so of course I HAD to go in. I found these super cute black sparkle boots for Alayna which she is in love with and a couple other things for her and Logan. I got some killer sales this day! I spent around $70 but the 2 boots alone were worth $60 regular price.

 They played for a good hour then we decided why not have some ice cream before dinner? That's completely acceptable right? ;) It was carvel ice cream I think and it was REALLY good! The kids and Dave approved!

 Dave and I thought they were so funny looking at this map in the backseat. Even when we got in the car on Sunday they were back to looking at the map trying to find places.
Sunday church was cancelled because the roads were REALLY bad in some places, homes were flooded, it was just all around bad in some areas.

 I figured I would at least get in a workout at our gym at the apartment but it was flooded out and smelt like fish so that wasn't happening. The rain had stopped so I let Logan ride his bike and I did a walk/run combo for 1.3 miles. He loves getting to ride his bike so this was a win win for us both. Dave and Alayna hung out at home and they read books together to add to her reading list at school.

 We headed to James Island later in the day to hang with the family. We weren't entirely sure if we would be able to get there but we were going to try just to get out the house and do something. The kids definitely were sick of sitting inside. Luckily we had no issue getting there or back!
 Cute little Oliver!
 Saturday night my sisters Oak tree fell on her neighbors house so we did ride over and see that and it was way worse in person than a picture shows. Then we rode to see our old house and make sure it wasn't all damaged not that it really would affect us but we were curious. Logan was with me and mom so he got to see the house I grew up in.
We had dinner then left earlier than we normally would just because we weren't sure if the roads got worse or not. Luckily they were good and we got home in just enough time to paint Alaynas nails then mommy showed up. Her area had a curfew so she picked them up just a little bit earlier than normal.

Work was cancelled for Monday so Dave and I layed around almost the entire day. We literally watched like 14 episodes of Vampire Diaries and had a super yummy lunch. I walked Teddy to get my butt off the couch and later we did venture out to see if the gym was open even though we knew it wasn't. I enjoyed the lazy day with my boy but I won't lie coming back to work Tuesday was GREAT minus the fact that the day was insanely busy. No clue what next weekend will entail but I promise you we will NOT be sitting inside all weekend!!! :)

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