Monday, November 23, 2015

Disney on Ice

 Alayna wearing daddies sunglasses before going to the doctor Sunday morning.
Logan and I went to pick up Isabelle because her and I had a date to see Disney on Ice Sunday afternoon as one of her birthday presents.
 I would say she might have been a little spoiled. Cotton candy and one of those spinny light up toys.

The show was pretty good but I definitely would go for the cheaper seats next time just because it wasn't AMAZING and worth $25 a seat! It was definitely still worth seeing though don't get me wrong. I think Isabelle enjoyed it thoroughly! I enjoyed spending some one on one time with just her and I, it is quite rare these days! I felt bad I didn't take Logan and Alayna but they were supposed to be in Jersey. I am not sure Logan would have liked it anyway but I know Alayna would have. There is always next time!
Hope everyone has a great short week of work!! Today has been less than desireable for me here but hey it is almost over, 1 more hour!

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