Monday, December 14, 2015

Boonehall Christmas

This weekend was really great, one of those that you want to do over and over again because it was just fun! I have to break the weekend up into more than one post because I took a good bit of pictures otherwise there would be 50 plus pictures in one post and I am not even sure my blog will allow that?

 Anywho, I will start with Friday!
Dave and I attended our Command Christmas party at lunch on Friday. It was a really good time with great food! We gave 6 gifts for Toys for Tots which was great then it got me thinking how many people attended and everyone brought at least one gift, that definitely means a TON of gifts for the kids! I should also mention that plate picture above was not entirely consumed. I wanted to try a bunch of different things so I took a bite or 2 of everything except that cupcake, oh the cupcake, I ate it all! Red Velvet people, that is all I need to say about that!

As soon as I got off work I went to get the kids so we could get to the Boonehall Christmas event by 5:30 to meet our Newmans, Lauren and Bentley.
The sunset as we were walking up, so pretty! But just you wait until my next post, this sunset is NOTHING compared to the one I saw Saturday night!
 Alayna, Jesse and Logan, poor Jess was all squished haha they love them some Jesse!
 In front of Santas workshop which was the first stop, it was not what I expected but the kids loved it and the end they got to see Santa!
Selfies on the hayride!

 I wish this wasn't so dark but all 4 kiddos! I know Ashley got a much better picture but that is because she had her fancy camera, I just use my phone!
Santas village

 We attempted a "family" picture in front of the tree, not too shabby!
Lauren had all the kids walking out, I thought it was cute!

So I am going to quickly share my thoughts on this event, one word disappointed. We got our tickets early in November and the website made this event seem AWESOME, I spent $39 for a family of 4. Apparently opening weekend Boonehall got some horrible reviews and I did contemplate a refund as they were offering them with no questions asked. I however wanted to give them the opportunity to make this event better as they said they were going to. They did lower the price so it would have cost me $30 at the door not $39 but I was going to let that slide. It was nothing like what they portrayed it to be. Thank God the kids seemed to love it which of course makes me not regret going by any means plus we were hanging out with our friends which is always a plus! I do hope if they do this again next year that they spend time on making it truly amazing as I know they could. I will wait to see reviews next year before purchasing but I am definitely not opposed to giving them another shot since their other events are normally awesome!!

After we left the event we went with our friends to TGIFridays where we happened to see my sister, Scott and the girls! It was a funny coincidence for sure!
 The kids ate a quick dinner at home so we let them get ice cream sundaes which I am pretty sure they were good with! They were only $1.99 and they were HUGE! I couldn't believe it considering how cheap they were! Alayna ate all of it which I thought was crazy lol she may be aweful about eating all her dinner most of the time but this girl can eat some sweets!
Dave got a huge burger and I ate this awesome flatbread!

We definitely enjoyed our night out with our friends and I am pretty sure we all slept really good that night! It was a great start to a fun weekend!!


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