Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day

Now on to Christmas day at my parents house, I definitely thought there were more pictures, probably a good thing there isn't. I won't caption all of them but I will say we had SO much fun and got lots of good presents!! We all made out like bandits!

Thank you to my family for spoiling us, we love you!!
 This picture is out of order but so cute, I took this towards the end of our day!
 Selfie while supervising the kids in the driveway! haha

 Their mom sent me the picture on the right and I compared it to last years picture, they have definitely grown up a bit in a year!
 I got to my parents house around noon, Dave and the kids were shortly behind me. We ate too much yummy food, opened gifts, hung out with the family and the kids played hard! Alayna started out in the pretty dress below but started to sweat so we had a wardrobe change.

I should probably caption the picture above real quick: Logan was all upset because he saw a bed full of presents and couldn't find his name (he had presents) so he started to mope and cry, poor guy! Trust me, his name was on a few! I have definitely started to see the more "emotional" side of his autism lately, not sure what has sparked it but it has happened a little more often lately. I just try to be loving and assure him all is good!
 Shannon got them scooters for Christmas, they are a hit for sure!! This definitely cheered Logan right up and the rest of the day he was great!

 The best part of it all, DESSERT!!!


 Christmas Chaos!


 Me with my big gift from Dave, I love it! He hung it up in my closet and I realized I need more jewelry ;)
 Cousin love!
 Adriana wanted Olivers bottle, so funny!
 Oliver was checking out Logans gift!
 Family pictures, I love these people they are my world!
 Mommy, Oliver and Grammy, he was being so cute with them!

 Isabelle got some dog poop game (no idea the real name) and they were all playing it inside and being super loud but apparently it was quite a fun time!


 We got to play corn hole which I really enjoyed, it was fun!
 I was wiped out by the time we left my parents house but Christmas day was far from over. We still had to get home and see what was waiting for them at our house! Have I mentioned these kids are spoiled?? haha

More to come!




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