Friday, January 30, 2009


Today after work I went to the yorktown with my aunt and we had a great time. It was WAY too chilly though and the wind did NOT help too much. I think my face was practically frozen when we finally got off the pier and to the car. It was nice though I dont really see her as much as I used to so its fun to get out. I took some pics and TRIED to upload them but for some reason its just having ISSUES *got it working*. Tonight I went to S&S cafeteria with Shannon, Tony, and Lola and that was fun. We also went to bestbuy where lola no lie about broke a VERY expensive TV. not on purpose of course but lets just say aunt Sara saved the day. I also got to look at some valentines day stuff, didnt buy anything but I get excited about it for some reason this year. I never REALLY cared about it before. I just thought of it as another stupid holiday that made me feel like crap. Oh well NOT this year!!! Anyways I just wanted to write a short blog. Hope all is well with everyone!!!

<3 Sara

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