Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So if you haven't already you need to go read TWILIGHT! Lets just say i've never been much of a reader but recently I have discovered I love it. I heard about twilight and started to get curious about the book, everyone was talking about it friends, radio etc! Well I read it in two days and im on the second book. My sister has also gotten in on the craze and is waiting to read book 3! So if you want to read a good love story with a vampire twist (its not demonic or anything i promise) then go read it!!!

Also, not much has been going on really. Kinda happy all the christmas stuff is over back to the norm. But seth is back to georgia AGAIN its really starting to get extremely hard.... I just wish he was home more and we could have a more normal relationship. I asked God for patience and this is my ultimate test. Im surviving but dang... its hard. But i've been praying ALOT for help getting through and trusting that everything is going to be ok. So I just hope in the end everything works out the way I hope. I haven't ever felt this way about a guy not even my last ex whom I dated almost 4 years. So that should tell you something! Prayer would be great I can't do this alone. My friends and family are def keeping me busy and I love getting to spend time with them. Love you all!!!

Other than that my computer is broke AGAIN. But this guy at work said he would take a look at it for free and he MIGHT be able to fix it. God I hope he can fix it and maybe not for a TON of money. Bestbuy cost $69.99 JUST for a diagnostic which was WRONG! ugh i hate stores who are only out for themselves and not the customers! haha I won't start that rant!

Anyways back to work its lunchtime leftover chili is calling my name. with some yummy home made chocolate chip cookies, YES I MADE THEM! :)

Hope all is well!!!


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