Monday, November 7, 2011

Another weekend has come and gone...

How on earth has another weekend already come and gone?? It's like I blink my eyes on Friday and it somehow turns to Monday in an instant. Boo!

This weekend was a pretty good one like most! Friday night I spent the night at Jens house and we watched movies all night. I finally saw the Goonies so now nobody can make fun of me. At least for that. hah! I must say it was definitely and older movie but it definitely felt like a classic.

Saturday morning we woke up WAY to early to head to Savannah. On our way out of Charleston we hit something and ended up having to get a tire fixed. 3 hours later we were finally on our way to Savannah. I was surprised she still wanted to go after all the car drama. We got to Savannah around 1 or so which really wasn't bad. We walked down Riverstreet which was FREEZING. We had lunch at the Pirate house which supposedly is haunted but I wasn't sticking around to look for ghosties. We ended up stopping at a bar and walking the streets with our drinks. I love that you can drink on the streets. We walked through the squares, a cemetery, back down to riverstreet and back through some of the streets. It wasn't very eventful but it was nice to get away from Charleston. We got back went out with some friends and that was that. Somehow my pictures got way out of order... oh well.

Sunday I woke up a little bit late and went to the gym. Only worked out for an hour because Laura asked me to go to lunch. It sounded way more appealing than a workout. So I headed out to a place called D.D. Peckers with her and her dog skeeter for lunch. Then at 5 she had to go get re-certified for CPR. We went to a fire station and since she was doing just an inidividual training I got to tag along. It was INTERESTINg to say the least and I know that I can count to 30 after watching that hour training video. I should have paid the dude and got certified since now I pretty much know how to do it. We were quite hilarious through that if you can't tell in the picture below! Her pictures are quite funny but I will leave those off of here since she got certified. Don't want anyone thinking we didn't take it seriously... haha ;)

I got home and Kodie was staring at me from the top of the stairs so I took his picture. He looks like he has Alien eyes. Kinda creepy dude!

one last picture... I took it this morning on my way into work. I love this view and seeing the sun starting to rise behind the city. So gorgeous! Sometimes I forget how beautiful the city I live in can be.

Happy Monday everyone! 4 day work week thank Goodness!!


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Holly said...

OMG I love that pink truck...and the crazy alien dog! :O