Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling Festive

I am not sure about you guys but I have had a hard time getting in the Christmas Spirit this year. I have had a lot going on though so I guess maybe that's why! BUT this past weekend I finally found my Christmas Spirit!

Here's a bit of a weekend recap with some pictures!

Friday night was a stay at home night. I had planned to stay in bed and just watch movies... thats pretty much what my week consisted of. (BAAAAAD week for this girl... can we say depressed) anywho... my sister and bro in law had a Christmas party to attend so we had the girls. Well mom decided to do gingerbread houses with them so I hopped in and helped. They did a pretty darn good job for being 5 and 2. Izzy was VERRRRY into it which I found surprising. I helped Lola do her house and can I just say MESSY! gosh I had green and white frosting all over my hands. Thank God for soap and water! After we got done I did end up in bed watching movies so I would say it was a success.

Izzy... Please make note of the frosting on her face

My little Lolly Rolly Polly... although really she isn't so little anymore... sad times

She was crying because Nina took away the icing for all of 5 seconds... haha


This was Lola's finished house! Not bad right?

Saturday I had a massage scheduled for the morning. Who wouldn't want a massage after a horrible week! It was just what I needed my back felt so much better after that! So I met up with my Aunt and my Uncles sister in law for some shopping! I actually got 4 people done for Christmas I still have a couple more mainly kids to buy for. It's hard buying people gifts when you have no clue what to get them. Anywho.. we ended up downtown at one of my favorite hotels to look at their Christmas decorations. The hotel is called The Charleston Place Hotel they always have beautiful trees! I didn't go upstairs to check but when I was younger the second floor had trees all over the place. They were always decorated with different themes and were always so gorgeous. After I shopped with the ladies I met up with Laura for dinner at The Mustard Seed which was SO yummy then we ended the night watching Friends with Benefits. Can I just say I loved this movie??? Mila Kunis made me officially want to be a brunette again... I think! :) Oh and I can't forget the dessert we got to go so we could pig out and watch the movie! Good times!

If you know me at all you know I love love love trains so I had to get my picture with their awesome train display!

Gorgeous, right?

Sunday I woke up early and went to church with mom and dad. Thats one thing I have decided I need to do is go to church. Last week made me realize SOOOO much about myself and one of them was a lack of church in my life... it always makes me feel so much better! Anywho... we went to Costco and to see Papa after church so that was nice. I always enjoy getting to see my Papa! I hit the gym not long after we got home for a much needed hard workout. My legs are still sore! Later I ended up going to Twist with Laura, Amanda and Richard to eat dinner and watch the packers kick butt. I normally only like sports live but I got really into that game! OH and one more thing I bought Kodie a hoodie!!! Check out the picture and I swear he likes it!

It looks like he is sticking his tongue out at me! haha

Laura and I before the game!

haha silly picture! Gotta love it!

Last week was TOUGH can I just say REALLLLLY TOUGH! I really messed up something... but you know with every hard time you go through it is a learning experience. I learned a lot about myself last week... I have decided to no longer drink liquor... trust me this is for the best! I really don't think I will drink much anymore to be honest but if I do it will be only beer and wine! I learned that I am kinda over the "party" stage... NO MORE DRAMA either.... I almost let someone back in my life but I quickly realized why I can't...I also learned I need to be careful who I trust... I trust WAY too easily sometimes that would be me trying to see the good in everyone... I am ready to settle down and be serious with someone..... and like I said before I really want to start going to church more and better my walk with God. I really feel like things can only go up from here... I thank God for everyone who has been supportive of me and just been there through all my ups and downs! Up Up and away....

Ok enough of the emotional stuff haha I like to keep things happy but I also use this as a bit of a venting place too! Sorry guys haha don't mean to torture you!

Back to the switchboard I go... or shall I say back to playing bejeweled on my phone! Tetris has been kicked to the curb... for now! :)

Sara :)


lori said...

what cutie pie kids! and yes, that tree is GORGEOUS. love it!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They did well w/ their houses!

I would love a massage right now. It has been too long!