Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas weekend

I was wondering if I would ever get the motivation to type this up! Well bored at work so I found it! :)

So friday night my friend Laura asked me to go out downtown to go dancing. I was apprehensive but when she said she wasn't drinking I was game! We ended up going out with some of her friends and then randomly later we weren't with them anymore. We ended up at Henry's one of my favorite places downtown and got a free drink from the bouncer. Well reason being as we were walking into the bar I got pushed by a drunk man who just got kicked out of Henry's. Bouncer saw it, followed us inside and got us both a free drink! Good times! We ran into one of our friends from earlier in the night and started chatting. Well behind Laura there was a mirror so I could see the guy behind me and he kept looking in our direction. So a few minutes later he taps my arm and asks if I am ready for Christmas.. I say no not really and then continue talking to my friends. He then taps my arm again and like an @$$ says so did you just blow me off is that what just happened? REALLY?? If you get blown off accept it and move on don't make a fool out of yourself by asking if I just blew you off. Dude I am talking to my friends leave me alone. Yeah he pissed me off and then we started laughing and he eventually left... I could still see him in the mirror and he was NOT happy. All I have to say is this... I am not looking for a dude especially a jerk like that. He obviously has issues... I still have my eyes on someone else and if that doesn't work out then I am just staying single for awhile. Come to think of it I have been single for almost an entire year now. Crazy! and my last bf I dated for like a month so if we don't count that it has been more like 2 years almost! blah! Here are 2 pics from Friday night! It was fun and we only ended up drinking one drink and a shot! Not too bad! I can handle this drinking in moderation thing.

In front of the Christmas tree at Molly Darcy's

Saturday I went to the gym and chilled most of the day. Spent the evening with someone special watching Christmas movies and eating pizza! I love nights like that.... chilling on the couch with a good movie! To me there really is nothing better!

Sunday was obviously Christmas so it was a fun filled family day! We had the fam come over at 1 and did Christmas lunch and opened presents. It was really nice to spend time with the family. I even went to see my Grammy and Aunt Theresa later since they didn't make it over to the house! Grammy is doing better since her surgery but still not up to par enough to leave the house. Luckily I left when I did because when I got home mom and dad had a gift for me and my sisters. We all got Ipad2's and they are AWESOME! Now that I got that I am thinking of selling my laptop because I really see no use for it anymore. Since the Icloud will connect my Iphone and Ipad I don't need to hook them up to the laptop to do the downloads. Pretty sweet!! Thanks mom and dad I loooooovvvvvveeee my Ipad and will take very good care of it. ESPECIALLY since I got me an awesome Hello Kitty case for it! Do not judge me lol I can't help it that I am almost 25 (on Saturday) and still like Hello Kitty! :D

My awesome stocking my grammy made me when I was a baby

The girls opening their gifts

Papa opening up his gifts

Another awesome new beanie! I am loving these this "winter"

Lola helping me open up my gifts


Izzy and me! Took forever to get a picture of her looking at the camera

Lola and me

Cousins (Kimberly, Amanda and me) Love these girls!

Grammy and me! It is a blurry picture but still worth putting up!

Aunt Theresa and me! I love how grammy is sticking her head around to be in our picture! haha

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend time with the ones you love! Dad did make me sad though by saying it was probably our last Christmas at this house. Let me just add this in... I have never spent a Christmas anywhere else. I guess we will just have to make new memories in the new house! But I will miss the heck out of this house but it is in the end just a house! I feel like I just said the word house a million times well I guess TYPED it a million times! My next post will probably be about my birthday...I still can't believe I will be 25 on Saturday... where has the time gone. I feel like it was just yesterday I turned 12 and kept telling mom that I had reached the double digits with my age. yes I thought it was cool! haha

Anywho, Have a wonderful day!!!


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