Friday, December 16, 2011

a little randomness

Just a little bit of randomness for you guys...

by the way I just realized 52 people follow my blog and I know others read it without following. How crazy is that?? Who would of thought someone would find me at all interesting haha anywho!

This past week has definitely had its ups and downs! All I can say is if God leads you to it he will lead you through it and he has definitely been my buddy this week! haha is that weird to call God my buddy? eh maybe! I am just kinda done with a certain phase of life I guess you could say... Just ready for the next Chapter! I think Ashley was surprised when I told her this last night haha

On Wednesday I got to go see Norrissia and Nevaeh after work. We went walking around her neighborhood which was nice since the weather was perfect. Every now and again it is nice to skip the gym and do my cardio outside. Plus being in the company of a great friend makes it even better. I sure wish she lived closer and I wish Ashley lived closer! They are both like 40+ minutes from my house so it is always a planned adventure to visit them. But seriously how freaking cute is Nevaeh she is such a happy baby even though the first pic doesn't show it

I saw these decorations in front of someones house on our walk and I loved it!! I want a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for realz!

Yesterday was our work Christmas party/birthday celebrations! Since my birthday is in December I got a yummy cake! It was peanut butter on the bottom and chocolate chip on the top! I love me some cookie cake!!! The rest of the party was good. Lots of yummy food and good company. I always feel like it gives us an opportunity to get to know eachother and not talk about work. Well not entirely about work... hey it comes up we can't control it!

One last thing.... I posted this picture last week but I am thinking about a day or two up in Asheville for my birthday. I just need to see if I can get some company to go with me. After what has gone down lately I just don't know that I want to do the whole bar scene for my birthday. I really want to kind of stay away from it for a bit. Nothing good can come from it anymore. I thought about just going out dancing at Suede and drinking wine only (2 glass limit) haha but most places are charging on my bday(NYE) anyway. Decisions decisions decisions....

Told you this was RANDOM!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!! Not really sure what mine holds as of now... but it will be fun! Pretty sure my friend Kristen is coming in town and wants to go to Chuck-e-cheese... yeah you read that right! haha


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