Thursday, December 4, 2008

tis the season

So its FINALLY starting to feel like christmas is upon us. I wasn't really in the spirit until pretty much today. Now everyone is putting up the lights, work is becoming more festive, i have a christmas party tommorrow night, and best of all i have started buying peoples christmas presents! i have actually gotten a good bit done so far. im rather proud of myself! Im really excited for this christmas i feel like its truely the start of something great. Plus I really love to see lola open up her presents. I think this year will be more fun than last because she is a little older. not to mention she is going to just die not literally when she sees what aunt sara got for her. Ok mommy bought it for me while they were in disney but hey that doesnt matter! :) anyways i hope everyone gets in the spirit like i have if they are not already!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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