Saturday, December 20, 2008

recent happenings

Hello everyone

I was hoping to wait to do a blog until my computer is fixed so i could add pictures but i see that is not going to happen. Its been like 3 weeks now since it crashed and im sick of waiting. I would add pics to my moms computer but macs are a bit confusing in that dept. Hopefully seth can get it fixed this weekend before he goes back to GA. Anyways since the last time I blogged all thats really gone on is christmas shopping and TONS of it. I did go to the mt. p christmas parade last sunday that was actually really neat. They did some really awesome fireworks right before the parade. Plus it was something I got to do with seth. Since hes out of town m-f in GA working we dont get to do too many things like that. But we got to and it was fun. OH and I rode on a motorcycle like a sport bike for the first time and i LOVED it. The bike just needed some pegs and I could have ridden that thing for ever. I dont really think much else has been going on. 

This next week is going to be busy busy though. monday-wed im working in the captains office answering the phone that should be oh so much fun. NOT! But wed is my last day until the following monday. But monday im hanging out with angela i think, tuesday i have a massage after work then i have GOT to finish christmas wrapping if i dont today, wednesday after work seths mom is throwing a huge christmas eve party, thursday is christmas so that day will be super busy, the rest of the week we will see his dad at some point and hopefully just have alot of fun with family or whomever. Im just SOOOOOOOOO happy to have seth around for more than a weekend. HOWEVER that means it will be extremely hard come monday morning to have to say bye until friday. As our relationship gets stronger its getting more and more hard to leave his place on monday mornings.


Anyways thats all for now. HOPEFULLY next time ill be able to post the pictures ive been dying to post. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 

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