Wednesday, November 19, 2008

whats new

Hello everyone. I have been MAJORLY slack in the updating department. Not much has really been going on. My boyfriend seth has been going out of town alot for work so i havent been able to spend that much time with him. But when we do get to hang out I really have alot of fun. Hes such a great guy and im really glad that i have him in my life. Other than that i have been hanging out with my friend heather alot, trying to make enough time for family and all of my friends. With age everyone gets so busy its hard for us to get together. I have been trying to be active i just never have time to get to the gym. I think ill go tonight if i dont decide to stay home since its FREEEEEEEEZING outside.

Normally at work i am inside of our building sometimes going out to deliver supplies. WELL the guy in the mailcenter is on leave so guess who is freezing their butt off delivering mail outside all week. YUP ME!!! i have learned how to layer! today i wore socks that were almost to my knees and boy did my feet and lower legs stay warm. it was amazing!

im SO excited for thanksgiving and christmas. i FINALLY have a boyfriend who loves holidays and everything about them. We are very excited to finally put up the christmas trees at his house. and yes treeS he puts up two. one int he den and one in the living room. its exciting!! i cant wait for everyone to put up their trees and decorate the outside of their houses. I have two christmas parties so far. One for my company capstone and the other for my friend shawns (a girl) hers i think will be alot of fun. Our code at SPAWAR always does a fun christmas party too so im just excited for the holidays in general. there will be a TON of pictures. i plan to take some at the christmas parties etc. anyways i feel like im rambling. So im going to go. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! God Bless.

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