Saturday, September 13, 2008


So last night was KENO night which is actually pokeno but we shorten it and call it KENO! So i absolutely had a great time! after work i went to heathers and we headed to walmart to get some food to take and my keno gift. i ended up taking a really cute pumpkin bowl with 2 kitchen towels also pumpkin themed. What you do is bring a $10-$15 gift and thats what you play for. Pokeno is like bingo just with a deck of cards. Last night was a really small group it was just 5 girls but we had a great time. I actually got to know the girls last night because the last time i went there were like almost 15 people i believe it was insane. So we all ended up with a gift heather got two *the boobie prize*. After it was done one of the girls left but the rest of us just chilled and talked it was really nice. we didnt leave until 11 and did i mention it was in wild dunes. WELL heather drove so it was the drive back to the navy base then i had to drive home so i didnt get to bed until 1230. When you wake up at 530 for work 1230 is LATE! But i had a great time and i loved getting to know the girls they are all really nice and dont seem catty. One of them invited me to her house warming party tonight which sounds like fun so heather and i are going and possibly her hubby jason if we can convince him to go!! So yay for new friends and a VERY fun night of KENO!!!

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