Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun Saturday

So yesterday was A Lot of fun! slept in which i always love! heather and i went shopping got like 4 new shirts, a CUTE pair of flip flops ON SALE, and a really cute zip up jacket for when the weather finally get a bit cooler. Then we made jason a cake for his birthday and got ready for the house warming party at angels. It was pretty fun had a drink ate some food she made AMAZING cupcakes. Julie and i had to split the smoores one it was MASSIVE theres no way i could have eaten it alone. We had a really good time just being social a girl from work was there so that was cool. Small world but shes really sweet so it was cool. Got home and went to bed and slept for a LONG time and it was one of those DEEP sleeps where you feel kinda out of it when you first wake up. it was AMAZING! but i hate the fact that tommorrow i have to be up at 530 that BLOWS! So below are a couple of pics from last night! Enjoy!

This is Kainen, heathers baby, hes the only man in my life right now! hes soo darn cute too!!
heather and i, i believe this is our first picture together. Thanks angel! lol

And last this is SOME of our keno girls! believe it or not there is a good bit more! Some amazing girls right here and lots of fun!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! I know i did!!

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