Monday, September 8, 2008


So i just got home from my first trip to golds gym and i must say i absolutely LOVE that gym. I went with my brother in law tony and he showed me how to do a couple of machines and we did some cardio. one of the places to do cardio is this room with bikes, elypticals, treadmills, something else i dont know the name of and mats to do crunches, well this room is DARK and cold WITH a HUGE tv to watch a movie. it was pretty much amazing! lol we stayed for i believe an hour and im def feeling the pain. lol Tommorrow night we are going back and hes going to show me how to do some chest stuff and abs. So im thinking by the time we cover the whole body i should know what the hell im doing. im feeling good about this place. its def a place i could see myself going to more than my current gym. i guess you could say this one is just more entertaining and WAY more cute guys. anyways lets see if i can actually get into a workout regime and KEEP it!! im not doing terrible but i need to be in better shape!

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