Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So just finished another workout! Feeling GREAT! im thinking about really joining this gym. BUT thats only if my bro in law will commit to go with me at least HOPEFULLY 3 nights a week. Well until im comfortable with the gym its rather large and intimidating! But i love that movie room. I did 35 mins of cardio tonight watching that movie million dollar baby. rather good movie but i didnt want to spend my whole time at the gym doing cardio. So i did ab stuff also. love it and feeling good. Ill probably be really sore in the AM. lol its worth it right?

So anyways i had a day off yesterday because i was lacking in the sleep department it was a really good day. after i finally got ready i got subway for me and my grammy and went to her house. i spent a little bit of time with her came home watched some tv then headed to angelas. We were a bit lazy together. i spent like forever with her but it was alot of fun. we eventually got up and went to barnes and noble for coffee and i got stori telling the tori spelling book im rather excited to read it. i fell in love with her show and now im a tori spelling lover!! THEN we went back to her house and watched baby mama not my FAVE movie but def a good one worth watching more than once. then we went to jasons deli for dinner and headed to the mall after that. i left her house around 9. i dont normally get to hang out with her for that long so i really did enjoy it and it was very chill!! i love my friends and am so lucky for the ones that i have. anyways i need to go shower! i hope my blog isnt boring and people find me SOMEWHAT interesting! lol

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Anonymous said...

I think your life is exciting and I love you!! I want to watch Baby Mama!! Please bring it over tonight.