Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Saturday

holy heck this girl is EXHAUSTED! Today was a busy day!

I went to sleep late last night and had to wake up early to drive to Jedburg to pick up a friend to take him to work. It wasn't bad I always love to see him so it was good. But I literally drove 2 hours before I got to the gym. Had to go pick him up then take him to work THEN drive back to James Island! haha that is just too much driving! haha I was happy to work out once I got there! I had a GREAT workout. Almost 2 hours again! I went to the pool later and got a little bit of sun. I tell ya these legs of mine are never going to get "tan"! I am going to the beach tomorrow with my sister and nieces soooo maybe I will get some more sun.

So I also cleaned out my entire closet today! Re-did everything! Folded, hung up stuff, re-arranged, and tossed a TON of stuff. I didn't realize how many boots I had until today. I seriously don't need to buy any next winter. I was happy to be able to give my sister a TON of clothes. Most of my stuff just doesn't really fit me anymore... a good problem to have I suppose. Annoying at the same time... haha so after she went shopping in Sara's closet we went to Kohls and I got the shirt pictured below. I also got another shirt similar to it but pink with a flower. I love Kohls and they are about to put one closer to my house :D yay!!! well that was my day in a nutshell!! Time to finish watching Matilda (don't hate) I love this movie and then it is off to bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


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