Friday, July 22, 2011


I am having the best morning!!!!! I just booked my flight to see my bestie in St. Louis!! The sucky part is I have to wait until almost the end of September. By then though they will be all settled into their new house which they just started moving into yesterday.

I drove through there once but I never got to see St. Louis. Angel said it really has a lot to offer especially free things to do. Of course though I must go see the Arch and go up to the top! Anybody have any other suggestions on what to do let me know :) I know it won't be my only trip there but I am spending an entire week so we have time to really see stuff.

On a different note... last night I went to my cousin Alicia's house to see her little family and my cousin Scott. He made us dinner which was AMAZING and super fattening. It was some Fettucini Alfredo thing. No clue it was good though! They live on Daniel Island and I have decided if I ever have enough money I want to live there. It is so cute and cozy. We rode bikes to the Publix which you normally can't do anywhere else thanks to traffic. We took some trails that were definitely not on the way but it was so fun. I haven't been on a real bike in a long time. I always just do the stationary bike at the gym. After last night I need to go get my bike from my sister's house so I can start riding it more! Apparently Daniel Island has TONS of trails so I hope to explore them! Maybe I can talk Alicia into doing it with me since she obviously knows them. Seriously though I love spending time with my family and there will be a lot of that this weekend!!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


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Victoria said...

last Summer I went on a roadtrip with some of friends to STL, we went for a cubs/cards baseball game :)

the zoo there is supposed to be awesome though!

have a great time!