Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh my my

oh my this weekend was interesting... well really I should just say Friday night was interesting. Kelly and I went out to a place we go very seldom but really like. Hatchells in Mount Pleasant at the Towne Center. Anywho we were there for AWHILE! I got a hug from a random cute guy, AND I am really starting to realize I should not be allowed to use my cell phone IF I have had more than 2 drinks. It is just not safe. No I am not a "drunk dialer" I am a "drunk texter". But I wasn't drunk really... but said things I should have just kept quiet. Oh well! haha still ended up having fun and kelly bashed her elbow SOMEHOW playing air hockey. I am normally the one who ends up hurt but nope it was her this time.

Saturday I woke up early so kelly and I could go downtown before it got HOT and all the tourist started to show up. We went to Forever 21 I was thoroughly sad they didn't have much that I liked. I did get a cute pair of sandals and a black plain shirt. Then we went to have lunch I had a HUGE burger and Fries. Oh speaking of Fries that is officially my nickname. haha Kelly even told the entire bar of my love of fries. Ridiculous!
Anywho... I ended up at the gym later that afternoon and then went to ONE of my favorite places Sunrise Park. I sat there for maybe 20 mins but a storm was rolling in and I no longer felt safe with the lightning. I don't want to end up dead or on the news! haha I got home and ended up going out to dinner with mom and dad. It was nice and the food was really good! However, it POURED rain the entire time we were there!! And when I say POURED I mean it! It was nuts! But we desperately need the rain around here. After we went to the house they are fixing up to live in. It is my grandparents old house and they have done so much to it. We should have taken before and after pictures. My dad has busted his butt in that house and the hard work has really paid off. It looks awesome! It looks so updated and nice. BUT if I live there my room will be tiny! Yes I am spoiled currently with a decently large room and walk in closet. I am hoping to find other arrangements though before they move. I am just ready for my own place again. My parents are totally cool and not smothering AT ALL but there is still just something nice about having your own place.

OH and Saturday night I ended up watching the Tyler Perry Movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. There were parts in there that made my "ugly cry" haha It was the love parts of it... can you tell my life is lacking something? And when I say UGLY CRY I mean it! Gah I hope my prayers are answered one day... God knows the desires of my heart... It just sucks to feel like the only single girl around! At least around me... well my sister is single so I guess I am not COMPLETELY alone with the single part... but all my friends have husbands, fiances or boyfriends!

Sunday I woke up feeling so sick! I think Kelly might be on to something with thinking I have a Thyroid problem. I definitely have all the symptoms. At least that would finally be an answer to why I feel sick and tired alot..
So anyways I stayed in bed for AWHILE then went to the gym when I felt better. Later Kelly and I went to Kicken Chicken and Grocery shopping! And Can I just say Walmart SUCKS! I have a love hate relationship with Walmart. I love how cheap everything is and the fact that you can pretty much buy everything you need in one store but gah the PEOPLE!! It takes almost 45 mins to check out anytime kelly and I go. We get behind the people with 2 carts and food stamps every darn time!

There's my weekend in a nutshell. Boring right? haha ok not boring but not overly exciting either! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I am already counting down the days until the next weekend!

I found this list on one of my friends blogs. I forgot to copy the link otherwise I would link back to her. But I thought it was fun and not all of these apply for me but I thought some of them were great!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope it treats you well... or as well as a Monday can!

Sara :)

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you really had an awesome weekend